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We are video

Gianluca, Christian and Aldo have achieved multiple successes along their individual work path, but only after their meeting they decided to start from scratch and take up this new challenge. This is how Traipler.com was born, awarded last year among the best 100 start ups in Italy.
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We are video. We are those who make videos every day, who write videos, which make my knowledge more similar to video. Videos are the best tool to make yourself known, to create relationships. Here we also present ourselves, with videos. Pleased to meet you, we are Traipler.com

From creative to inventor
EP. 1
From creative to inventor
Life always knows how to surprise you and hardly ever the straight roads lead to personal fulfillment. Gianluca Ignazzi, Founder and Chief Communication Officer of Traipler.com, tells us his story and how the idea of Traipler was born ... but nothing would have happened without the help of his friend Christian.
Sell a moving idea
EP. 2
Sell a moving idea
There is only one way to grow: looking forward, always and anyway. Both enthusiastic and analytical, easygoing and prepared, Christian Muolo has been able to transform the visionary idea of his childhood friend Gianluca into a concrete business opportunity. This is where their adventure together really started., even if for talking about Traipler.com as we know it today, we will have to wait for the arrival of ...
Video e Motors, pleasures and passions
EP. 3
Video e Motors, pleasures and passions
Behind a great man is there always a greate woman? Aldo Ricci is the proof :-) Gianluca and Christian meet Aldo on an Easter Sunday, and the surprise will exceed all expectations. Sometimes just a look is enough to understand who can be trusted, who you can walk part of the way with and risk everything together ... and this was just the beginning ...
Give me a tablet and I'll tell you the world
EP. 4
Give me a tablet and I'll tell you the world
Everything started on a beach. The idea became a project. Both Gianluca and Christian immediately got down to work, as if they were kids, ready to fulfill their dream. The first protagonist of this dream has been the nice Gianluca's aunt. A professionalist known online will be the one to confirm that 3 is the perfect number ...
A videomaker very much influencer
EP. 5
A videomaker very much influencer
After the first experiment, it was clear that a professional videomaker was missing to complete the circle. Christian and Gianluca met Aldo, videomaker and influencer specialized in the automotive sector with thousands of followers. 3 is the perfect number, and Traipler can begin his rise .... ehm no, the road to success is never downhill ...
The value of the enthusiasm
EP. 6
The value of the enthusiasm
Traipler.com begins to take shape. Between obstacles and double work shifts, teamwork and skills began to take form. Dreams became real projects, ideas became products to sell ... with a spirit of sacrifice and a great desire to succeed Traipler.com found the the right formula to face challenging situations.
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Traipler Headquarter
Our team
Gianluca Ignazzi - CEO & Creative Director-1 Gianluca Ignazzi - CEO & Creative Director-2
Gianluca Ignazzi
CEO & Creative Director
Christian Muolo - Chief Sales and Marketing Director-1 Christian Muolo - Chief Sales and Marketing Director-2
Christian Muolo
Chief Sales and Marketing Director
Aldo Ricci - Chief Operating Officer-1 Aldo Ricci - Chief Operating Officer-2
Aldo Ricci
Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Gaiba - Chief Innovation Officer-1 Andrea Gaiba - Chief Innovation Officer-2
Andrea Gaiba
Chief Innovation Officer
Marco De Magistris - Chief Technical Officer-1 Marco De Magistris - Chief Technical Officer-2
Marco De Magistris
Chief Technical Officer
Antonella Fanigliuolo - Chief Financial Officer-1 Antonella Fanigliuolo - Chief Financial Officer-2
Antonella Fanigliuolo
Chief Financial Officer
Alberto Fortunato - Senior Editor Supervisor-1 Alberto Fortunato - Senior Editor Supervisor-2
Alberto Fortunato
Senior Editor Supervisor
Mario Alberti - Senior Editor Supervisor-1 Mario Alberti - Senior Editor Supervisor-2
Mario Alberti
Senior Editor Supervisor
Gianpaolo Muolo - Sales Account-1 Gianpaolo Muolo - Sales Account-2
Gianpaolo Muolo
Sales Account
Silvia Mancini - Sales Account-1 Silvia Mancini - Sales Account-2
Silvia Mancini
Sales Account
Angela D'Aprile - Communication Manager-1 Angela D'Aprile - Communication Manager-2
Angela D'Aprile
Communication Manager
Ivan Console - Art Director-1 Ivan Console - Art Director-2
Ivan Console
Art Director
Danilo Mieuli - Project Manager-1 Danilo Mieuli - Project Manager-2
Danilo Mieuli
Project Manager
Mauro De Luca - Project Manager-1 Mauro De Luca - Project Manager-2
Mauro De Luca
Project Manager
Giuseppe Carbonara - Digital Marketing-1 Giuseppe Carbonara - Digital Marketing-2
Giuseppe Carbonara
Digital Marketing
Valerio Zito - Copywriter-1 Valerio Zito - Copywriter-2
Valerio Zito
Francesco Mastronardo - Video Editor-1 Francesco Mastronardo - Video Editor-2
Francesco Mastronardo
Video Editor
Rosalinda Giliberti - Assistant Executive-1 Rosalinda Giliberti - Assistant Executive-2
Rosalinda Giliberti
Assistant Executive
Gianvito Piccolo - Video Editor-1 Gianvito Piccolo - Video Editor-2
Gianvito Piccolo
Video Editor
Lorenzo Liuzzi - Motion Graphic Designer-1 Lorenzo Liuzzi - Motion Graphic Designer-2
Lorenzo Liuzzi
Motion Graphic Designer
Marco Giannuzzi - Video Editor-1 Marco Giannuzzi - Video Editor-2
Marco Giannuzzi
Video Editor
Luciano Fanelli - Content Creator-1 Luciano Fanelli - Content Creator-2
Luciano Fanelli
Content Creator
Lorenzo Susca - Video Editor-1 Lorenzo Susca - Video Editor-2
Lorenzo Susca
Video Editor
Alessia Scatigno - Video Editor-1 Alessia Scatigno - Video Editor-2
Alessia Scatigno
Video Editor
Adriano Taddeo - Video Editor-1 Adriano Taddeo - Video Editor-2
Adriano Taddeo
Video Editor
Daniele Totaro - Software Developer-1 Daniele Totaro - Software Developer-2
Daniele Totaro
Software Developer
Giovanni Difronzo - Graphic Designer-1 Giovanni Difronzo - Graphic Designer-2
Giovanni Difronzo
Graphic Designer